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Differences Between Horizontal and Gantry Machining Centers

GMC VS HMC HG Machinetools

Differences Between Horizontal and Gantry Machining centers

Gantry Machining Centers are ideal for processing larger parts. The base is reinforced with the honeycomb staggered design, retaining the same width as the table base, thereby enhancing structural stability among all gantry machines. The diagonal span connection between the column and base of the gantry increases the joint's strength, alongside the machine tool's rigidity during heavy cutting. Gantry machining features a machining centre where its spindle is perpendicular to the table. It is used for machining large parts.

Horizontal Machining Centers are suitable for processing box parts. The horizontal machining column moves back and forth, and the table slides left and right. The structure has high precision, rigidity, and longevity advantages. This machine tool can greatly improve productivity, but the cost is higher and takes up more space. The horizontal machining centre is a machining centre with the spindle axis set parallel to the table. It is especially suitable for boring and high-precision boring. It is also suitable for strong machining of end faces and for curved surface machining of moulds.