Drilling Tapping Center – HG640V

The HG Machinetools Drilling Tapping Center HG640V finds extensive usage in various industries including automotive, mobile, computer accessories, communication cavity and flange.

Item Unit HG-640V
Travel of X Axis (Left-Right) mm 600
Travel of Y Axis(Front-Back) mm 400
Travelof Z Axis(Up-Down) mm 330
Working Table Size(L*W) mm 700×420
Max. Loading Weight kg 250
Tool Magazine (Tools Qty) pcs Servo Tool Magazine 21T
Machine Floor Space (LxWxH) mm 2130×1930×2400
Machine Weight t 3.2


The HG Machinetools CNC Drilling Tapping Center HG640V, also known as a drilling and tapping machine, is a computer-controlled machine tool used to manufacture parts across a wide range of industries. It is identified by its high speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It is particularly suitable for efficient mass production of porous and small holes. This CNC drilling and tapping centre can work with a wide range of materials and can switch between different tools for diverse products.

Drilling Tapping Center 640V HG Machinetools

Drilling and Tapping Machine CNC Center HG Machinetools


Travel of X Axis (Left-Right)mm600700600700
Travel of Y Axis(Front-Back)mm400400450450
Travelof Z Axis(Up-Down)mm330330300300
Distance from workbench to spindle end facemm150-480150-480150-450150-450
Working Table Size(L*W)mm700×420800×420700×420800×420
Max. Loading Weightkg250250250250
Working Table T-Slotmm3×14×1253×14×1253×14×1253×14×125
Speed of Spindlerpm20000rpm20000rpm20000rpm20000rpm
Spindle MotorkW5.
Spindle TaperBT30BT30BBT40-120BBT40-120
Linear Guideway of X/Y/ZXYZ:30XYZ:30XYZ:30XYZ:30
Ball Screw of X/Y/ZX:28*16 Y:28*16 Z:32*16X:28*16 Y:28*16 Z:32*16X:28*16 Y:28*16 Z:32*16X:32*16 Y:28*16 Z:32*16
Tool Magazine (Tools Qty)pcsServo Tool Magazine 21TServo Tool Magazine 21TBT40-20TBT40-20T
Machine Floor Space (LxWxH)mm2130×1930×24002350×1930×24001650×1800×20601820×1800×2060
Machine Weightt3.


What is Drilling Tapping Center

A drilling tapping center is a type of CNC machine that can perform both drilling and tapping operations on various materials. Drilling is the process of creating holes in a workpiece using a rotating cutting tool, while tapping is the process of cutting threads inside a hole to create a screw or bolt connection.