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Processing Steps Of CNC Machining Center

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Processing Steps Of CNC Machining Center

Hangong Machinetools CNC machining center, which is suitable for machining complex parts, is an automatic machine tool composed of mechanical equipment and CNC system. After the workpiece is clamped at one time, it can complete plenty of processing contents, and batch workpieces with high processing precision and medium processing difficulty.

The processing steps of the CNC machining centre are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. Determine the machining base surface, datum hole, machining allowance, etc. of parts. When determining the process content to be completed by one-time clamping, the accuracy requirements and heat treatment requirements of the parts must be considered. For some complex parts, due to thermal deformation, internal stress, part clamping deformation and other reasons, they may be clamped one or more times to complete machining.

2. The machining sequence shall follow the principle of "from rough to fine", that is, heavy cutting and rough machining shall be carried out first, but most of the machining allowance on the blank shall be removed, and then the machining process with low calorific value and low machining requirement shall be arranged to allow sufficient time for cooling before finishing, and then finish machining. Each operation should minimise the amount of idle stroke movement and reduce the number of tool changes. The recommended machining sequence is: large plane milling - rough boring, precision boring - end mill machining - centering, drilling, threading, hole and surface finishing.

Since the machining centre has good rigidity and high power, a larger cutting volume should be selected as much as possible in the machining process, which can save machining time and improve work efficiency.