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Drilling & Tapping Center

The HG Machinetools CNC Drilling Tapping Centre, also known as a drilling and tapping machine, is a computer-controlled machine tool used to manufacture parts across a wide range of industries. It is identified by its high speed, accuracy, and efficiency. It is particularly suitable for efficient mass production of porous and small holes. This CNC drilling and tapping centre can work with a wide range of materials and can switch between different tools for diverse products.

Drilling Tapping Center – HG640V

The HG Machinetools Drilling Tapping Center HG640V finds extensive usage in various industries including automotive, mobile, computer accessories, communication cavity and flange.

Item Unit HG-640V
Travel of X Axis (Left-Right) mm 600
Travel of Y Axis(Front-Back) mm 400
Travelof Z Axis(Up-Down) mm 330
Working Table Size(L*W) mm 700×420
Max. Loading Weight kg 250
Tool Magazine (Tools Qty) pcs Servo Tool Magazine 21T
Machine Floor Space (LxWxH) mm 2130×1930×2400
Machine Weight t 3.2

FAQs of Drilling Tapping Center For Sale

HG Machinetools Drilling Tapping Center is a computer-controlled machine tool used for machining parts in a wide variety of industries, characterized by high speed, high accuracy and high productivity. Over the course of its development, the CNC tapping center has become one of the “all-in-one” machine tools that can perform a variety of tasks, including milling and fine boring, in addition to tapping. Coupled with CNC capability, CNC tapping centers are productive, reliable, and known for their superior machining capabilities.

HG Machinetools Drilling Tapping Centers are perfect for machining automotive parts, electronics and industrial machinery where holes need to be tapped. They are more commonly used in heavy duty industries where large loads of hard materials need to be drilled. Tapping centers can come in 2-flute, 3-flute or 4-flute depending on the surface. In addition, tapping centers and CNCs are two complementary components today that make it possible to work faster and more accurately by eliminating tap breakage while minimizing human error.

  • No highly skilled operator required.
  • CNC tapping centers are very versatile in nature and are adept at drilling holes precisely at pre-defined depth. 
  • The unit does not require heavy and complex maintenance while retaining long-lasting results.
  • The unit is typically made of top-grade components to carry out the tasks as intended, including spindles, shafts, and gears.
  • The unit has a decent gear arrangement available with different spindle speeds.
  • No add-ons or accessories needed to work as desired. But that is not to say you cannot retrofit them on your tapping center for the added functionality.