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Horizontal Machining Center

HG Machinetools horizontal machining centers offer full stroke accuracy and repeatability through superior design and thermal stability. Non-cutting time is reduced through faster rapid traverse, axis acceleration, and tool change and indexing. Best of all, every component of these machines is designed to provide reliable operation year after year, even under the most demanding conditions.

Horizontal Machining Center – HG630H

Horizontal Machining Center – HG630H is a machining center with its spindle in a horizontal orientation.

Item Unit HG-630H
Working Table Size mm 800×800
Working Table Indexing 1°×360
Maximum workpiece rotation diameter mm φ1600
Working Table Trave (Left-Right) X axis mm 1400
Headstock Trave (Up-Down) Y axis mm 1100
Working Table Trave(Front-Back)Z axis mm 1100
Taper of Spindle BT50
Speed of Spindle r/min 0~6000
Machine Size mm 3670×3490×2950

FAQs of Horizontal Machining Center For Sale

HG Machinetools Horizontal Machining Center is a drilling and milling machine where the main spindle is mounted on a horizontal axis in relation to the work table. Horizontal machining is used for mass production of metal components in all kinds of industries. Today, all modern machine tools are characterized by rapid tool change, high cutting efficiency and high precision performance.

HMCs have critical components as well as optional equipment. Examples include swivel heads, high-end spindles (SK, BT, HSK-A, etc.), cradle-type 4th axis, electric cutters, etc. Spindle speed rpm (revolutions per minute) can range from a few thousand to 50,000 rpm, depending on the size of the machine and the type of metal removal required (although even the most advanced models typically top out at around 20,000 rpm). HMCs can also be combined with automation devices such as robotic arms and pallet changers, making them essential for today’s manufacturing industries that rely on CNC machining.

HG Machinetools Horizontal Machining Centers are particularly effective for heavy parts and those that require machining from multiple sides. In addition to more efficient chip management, horizontal configurations typically offer faster machining times due to the ability of operators to change pallets. They are also typically associated with lower prices due to the overall reduction in manpower and machining time.

Our HMCs  are used for the production of heavy parts and components used in many industries such as:

• Commercial Applications          • Construction and maintenance            • Electronics                   • Medicine

• Security                     • Recreation                  • Transport                • Automotive              • Industrial and O.E.M.

HG Machinetools Horizontal Machining Center can not only solve the shortcomings of the vertical machining center, but also bring more advantages: increase the spindle utilization time, reduce the part handling time, and configure more tools.

With the addition of tools, the horizontal machining center can do more work at one time, and can also process taller box-type workpieces or process multiple workpieces at the same time, making it more efficient than vertical machining centers.