Horizontal Machining Center – HG630H

Horizontal Machining Center – HG630H is a machining center with its spindle in a horizontal orientation.

Item Unit HG-630H
Working Table Size mm 800×800
Working Table Indexing 1°×360
Maximum workpiece rotation diameter mm φ1600
Working Table Trave (Left-Right) X axis mm 1400
Headstock Trave (Up-Down) Y axis mm 1100
Working Table Trave(Front-Back)Z axis mm 1100
Taper of Spindle BT50
Speed of Spindle r/min 0~6000
Machine Size mm 3670×3490×2950


Horizontal Machining Center – HG630H is a machining center with its spindle in a horizontal orientation.

This machining center design favors uninterrupted production work. One reason for this is that the horizontal orientation encourages chips to fall away, so they don’t have to be cleared from the table. More significantly, the horizontal design allows a two-pallet workchanger to be incorporated into a space-efficient machine. To save time, work can be loaded on one pallet of a horizontal machining center while machining occurs on the other pallet.

Horizontal Machining Center HG630H | hgmachinetoolscom HG Machinetools

High Strength Castings

The machine body, work table, column, milling head, etc. of HG Machinetools Vertical Machining Centers are all made of high-strength cast iron, and are subjected to secondary tempering and aging treatment to optimize the reinforcement structure, making the overall performance more in line with the requirements of machining characteristics and stability.

High Strength Castings HG Machinetools
CNC Controller HG Machinetools

CNC Control System

Fanuc(Japan), Mitsubishi (Japan), Syntec (Taiwan,China) Optional

  • Adoption of powerful and highly reliable high-speed microprocessor systems;
  • Dynamic toolpath simulation, intelligent warning display, self-diagnostics and more;
  • Multi-segment pre-reading control is particularly suitable for high-speed and large program processing;
  • RS-232 serial transmission, memory card transmission, USB transmission, combined with DNC standard processing configuration, facilitates the transmission of large-capacity programs and online processing, with better processing efficiency and effectiveness.

Spindle From Taiwan, China

Speed 6000/8000/10000/12000 RPM Optional

The spindle and motor belt are designed with a 1:1 connection, and the main motor is a low inertia motor with a speed of 10000 rpm. It is a wise choice for high precision, high rigidity and heavy cutting situations; if there is a higher requirement for surface smoothness, a 12000 rpm direct spindle can also be selected.

Spindle HG Machinetools
Cooling system HG Machinetools

Cooling System

HG Machine is equipped with a cooling system, and the combination of a large flow pump and many nozzles can solve the machining problems of tool overheating and workpiece deformation due to machining heat.

Some Components of Our CNC Machining Centres


Working Table Sizemm800×800
Working Table Qty1
Working Table Indexing1°×360
Working Table Transmission Ratio200
Max. Loading Weightkg1500
Form of Working Tablemm24×M16Thread Hole
Maximum workpiece rotation diametermmφ1600
Working Table Trave (Left-Right) X axismm1400
Headstock Trave (Up-Down) Y axismm1100
Working Table Trave(Front-Back)Z axismm1100
Distance from the centerline of the spindle to the working tablemm130~1230
Distance from spindle end face to working table centermm200~1300
Taper of SpindleBT50
Speed of Spindler/min0~6000
Position accuracy X.Y.Zmm0.012
Position accuracy B Axis6
Repeatability position accuracy X.Y.Zmm0.008
Repeatability position accuracy B Axis"6
Machine Sizemm3670×3490×2950


What is Horizontal Machining Center

HG Machinetools Horizontal Machining Center is a drilling and milling machine where the main spindle is mounted on a horizontal axis in relation to the work table. Horizontal machining is used for mass production of metal components in all kinds of industries.

Differences Between Horizontal and Gantry Machining Centers

Typically, vertical machining centers cost less than their horizontal counterparts. Horizontal machining centers are more complex and come with a higher price point and increased productivity. Vertical machining centers also take up less space in comparison to horizontal machining centers

HG Machinetools Machining Center’s CNC Tool Changer

A CNC tool changer is a device that can store different tools in the tool magazine and change tools automatically with the help of a short G-code. It reduces machine cycle time by eliminating the need to change tooling for multiple tasks manually.