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Five components of a machining centre structure

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Five components of a machining centre structure

Since the first machining centre appeared about 30 years ago, there have been many different types of machining centres around the world .Although the shape of the structure is different, but from a general point of view is mainly composed of the following major components.

1, the basic components. It is the basic structure of the machining centre, through the bed, column and table, etc., they are mainly subject to the static load of the machining centre and the cutting load generated during machining, so there must be sufficient rigidity. These large parts can be cast iron or welded steel structure, they are the machining centre in the volume and weight of the largest components.

2, spindle components. By the spindle box, spindle motor, spindle and spindle bearings and other parts. Spindle start, stop and variable speed and other actions are controlled by the CNC system, and through the tool mounted on the spindle to participate in the cutting movement, is the power output of cutting parts.

3, numerical control system. Processing carefully the numerical control part is composed of CNC device, programmable controller, servo drive device and operation panel. It is the execution of sequence control action and complete the machining process control centre.

4、Automatic tool changing system. It is composed of tool magazine, manipulator and other parts. When the need to change the tool, the CNC system issued a command, through the robot (or other means) will be removed from the tool magazine tool loaded into the spindle hole.

5, auxiliary equipment. Including vortex sliding, cooling, chip removal, protection, hydraulics, pneumatics and detection systems and other parts. These devices are not directly involved in the cutting movement, but the machining efficiency, machining accuracy and reliability of the machining centre plays a safeguarding role, so it is also an indispensable part of the machining centre.