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Machining Centre Tool Magazine Common Faults

CNC Machining Center Tool Magazine HG Machinetools

Machining centre Tool magazine Common faults

1. Tool magazine does not rotate

If the tool magazine does not rotate, it may be due to
① loose coupling between motor shaft and worm shaft coupling;
② Frequency converter failure, should check the frequency converter input and output voltage is normal;
③ PLC no control output, may be the interface board in the relay failure;
④ mechanical connection is too tight;
⑤ mains voltage is too low.

2. The tool magazine does not rotate

The reasons why the tool magazine does not rotate in place may be: motor rotation failure, transmission mechanism failure.

3. CNC machining centre tool magazine sleeve can not clamp the tool how?

The reason may be that the adjustment screw on the tool set is loose, or the spring is too loose, resulting in insufficient clamping force; or the tool is too heavy.

4. The tool set does not move up and down.

The reason may be that the jig is not correctly adjusted or the machining error is too large, resulting in the fork position not being correct; the limit switch is not correctly installed or incorrectly adjusted, resulting in a feedback signal error.