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The Operating Environment for Machining Centers

Gantry Machining Center 2518 HG Machinetools

What is the Operating Environment for Machining Centrers?

The normal use of CNC machining centres depends not only on the normal performance of the equipment, but also on the normal operation of the equipment used. Among them, there can be no slack in the environmental requirements:

1, Location requirements

The location of the machining centre should be isolated from vibration sources, should avoid direct sunlight and heat radiation, and should avoid the effects of moisture and air currents. If there is a vibration source near the CNC machine tool, the machining centre should be set up on all sides of the anti-vibration trench. Otherwise, it will directly affect the machining accuracy and stability of the CNC machining centre, which will make the electronic components have poor contact and defects, affecting the stability of the machining centre.

2, power requirements

Usually machining center equipment in the workshop, not only the ambient temperature changes, and all kinds of electromechanical equipment, resulting in power instability. Therefore, the location of the machine, the need for stable voltage output. Power supply voltage fluctuations must be within the permissible range, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of machining centre CNC system.

3、Environmental temperature

CNC machining centre ambient temperature below 30 degrees Celsius, relative ambient temperature below 80%. Usually, the CNC electronic control box has an internal exhaust fan or cooler to ensure that the original temperature is normal, especially the central processing unit working temperature stability or temperature difference does not change much. Excessive ambient temperature and humidity will lead to a reduction in the service life of the control system components and an increase in malfunctions. Elevated ambient temperature and humidity and increased dust will cause bonding in the IC board and cause short circuits. In addition to temperature, humidity will also affect the machining centre, both machine tool manufacturers and machine tool users should pay attention to the control of humidity in the workshop. Generally speaking, the relative humidity should not exceed 80% of the machine tool are appropriate. But some high-precision machine tool manufacturers will also be constant humidity at about 60%.