Vertical Machining Center – HG1275V

Vertical Machining Center (VMC) – HG1275V is utilized primarily as a metal cutting machine that is useful in cutting or shaping steel, aluminum, and other hard materials in a precision formed or machined surface. Aside from these, it can be also be used for milling, boring, drilling, carving, engraving, tapping, thread cutting, and more operations. It is used in various machinery manufacturing industries with high precision and mass production requirements such as aerospace, automobile, handicrafts, mold making, military products, electronic and electrical, light and textile, etc.

Item Unit HG-1275V
Travel of X Axis (Left-Right) mm 1200
Travel of Y Axis(Front-Back) mm 750
Travelof Z Axis(Up-Down) mm 600
Working Table Size(L*W) mm 1300×700
Max. Loading Weight kg 1000
Machine Floor Space (LxWxH) mm 3300×2500×2800
Machine Weight kg 8500


Vertical Machining Center (VMC) – HG1275V is a vertical milling machine with Tool Magazine and Fanuc / Mitsubishi CNC control system. It is used to mill 2D/3D shapes or patterns on various materials. It uses a rotating cylindrical tool, which is able to move along multiple axis, and can create a variety of shapes, slots and holes. In addition, the workpiece is often moved across the milling tool in different directions.

HG Machinetools CNC Vertical Machining Center (VMC) is suitable for engraving, carving, milling, cutting and drilling most materials. So it is widely used in injection mould, ironware mould, metal molds and other molding industries. It is especially designed for batch milling molds, watch, eyeglasses, panel, brand, badge, outside surface’s sleeking, three-dimensional graphics and words. Besides that, it’s easy for this mill to form 2D or 3D relieves on a wide range of materials.

HG Machinetools Vertical Machining Center machine body, worktable, column, milling head, etc. are all cast from high-strength cast iron, and undergo secondary tempering and aging treatment to optimize the reinforcement structure, making the overall performance more in line with the requirements of processing characteristics and stability.

Vertical Machining Center HG1275V | Hgmachinetoolscom HG Machinetools

A. Advantages of HG Machinetools’ Vertical Machining Center (VMC) – HG1275V

1. Machine body’s guide rail adopts a large span size design, and the column adopts an A-shaped structure design, which makes the machine tool rigid and thermally stable.
2. Taiwan imported high-performance spindle, optionally equipped with spindle oil cooling device to control spindle temperature rise and improve cutting accuracy.
3. All three feed axes are supported by Taiwan imported linear roller guides, ensuring the accuracy of three-axis positioning.
4. Both ends of the ball screw are pre stretched, increasing the transmission stiffness and eliminating the thermal deformation generated during rapid movement in advance.
5. Our Vertical Machining Center adopts a splash proof sheet metal fully protective design, which is beautiful and elegant, ensuring the personal safety of operators.

B. Key Features of HG Machinetools’Vertical Machining Center (VMC) – HG1275V

a. Fully Enclosed Cover
b. Controller Integrated
c. Servo Motors
d. Tool Magazine
e. With FANUC control system
f. Automatic Lubrication System
g. HIWIN/PMI Roller Type Linear Guideway
h. HIWIN/PMI Ball Screw
i. FAG Bears
j. Tool Magazine OKADA/Aimach

C. Optional

1. Different Control System Optional
2. 4th-Axis / 5th-Axis Optional
3. Different Speed of Spindle Optional
4. Different Type of Tool Magazine Optional
5. Tools Capacity of Tool Magazine Optional

D. Some Specific Configurations

High Strength Castings

The machine body, work table, column, milling head, etc. of HG Machinetools Vertical Machining Centers are all made of high-strength cast iron, and are subjected to secondary tempering and aging treatment to optimize the reinforcement structure, making the overall performance more in line with the requirements of machining characteristics and stability.

High Strength Castings HG Machinetools
CNC Controller HG Machinetools

CNC Control System

Fanuc(Japan), Mitsubishi (Japan), Syntec (Taiwan,China) Optional

  • Adoption of powerful and highly reliable high-speed microprocessor systems;
  • Dynamic toolpath simulation, intelligent warning display, self-diagnostics and more;
  • Multi-segment pre-reading control is particularly suitable for high-speed and large program processing;
  • RS-232 serial transmission, memory card transmission, USB transmission, combined with DNC standard processing configuration, facilitates the transmission of large-capacity programs and online processing, with better processing efficiency and effectiveness.

Spindle From Taiwan, China

Speed 6000/8000/10000/12000 RPM Optional

The spindle and motor belt are designed with a 1:1 connection, and the main motor is a low inertia motor with a speed of 10000 rpm. It is a wise choice for high precision, high rigidity and heavy cutting situations; if there is a higher requirement for surface smoothness, a 12000 rpm direct spindle can also be selected.

Spindle HG Machinetools
Cooling system HG Machinetools

Cooling System

HG Machine is equipped with a cooling system, and the combination of a large flow pump and many nozzles can solve the machining problems of tool overheating and workpiece deformation due to machining heat.

E. Some Components of Our CNC Machining Centers


Travel of X Axis (Left-Right)mm8008001100120013001500
Travel of Y Axis(Front-Back)mm500550600750700800
Travelof Z Axis(Up-Down)mm500550600600700700
Distance from workbench to spindle end facemm150-650150-700120-720120-72080-780150-850
Distance from the front end of column to the center of Spindlemm600643650775810925
Working Table Size(L*W)mm1000×5001000×5501200×6001300×7001400×7001600×800
Max. Loading Weightkg400500800100016001600
Working Table T-Slotmm18T×90×518T×90×518T×100×518T×100×618T×110×518T×110×7
X/Y/Z Axis Rapid Feeding Speedm/min48×48×4848×48×4836×36×3636×36×3630×30×3030×30×30
Power of X/Y/Z AxisAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control System
Roller Guideway of X/Y/ZX:35(4Rollers)
Ball Screw of X/Y/Z401640164012401245125010
Speed of Spindlerpm8000/10000/120008000/10000/120008000/10000/120006000/8000/10000/120006000/8000/10000/120006000/8000/10000/12000
Spindle TaperBT40BT40BT40BT40/BT50BT40/BT50BT40/BT50
Transmission TypemmBelt/Direct ConnectBelt/Direct ConnectBelt/Direct ConnectBelt/Direct ConnectBelt/Direct ConnectBelt/Direct Connect
Spindle MotorkWAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control SystemAccording to the Control System
Position accuracymm±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.005/300±0.005/300±0.005/300
Repeatability position accuracymm±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300
Tool Magazine (Tools Qty)TBT40-24BT40-24BT40-24BT40-24T/BT50-24TBT40-24T/BT50-24TBT40-24T/BT50-24T
Control SystemSyntec/Mitsubish/FanucSyntec/Mitsubish/FanucSyntec/Mitsubish/FanucSyntec/Mitsubish/FanucSyntec/Mitsubish/FanucSyntec/Mitsubish/Fanuc
Machine Floor Space (LxWxH)mm2700×2400×25002700×2400×26003100×2450×28003300×2500×28003600×2800×28004400×3200×3000
Pressure Requirementkg/cm²6-76-76-76-76-76-7
Power SupplyKva202020253035
Machine Weightkg52005500700085001000013000

Main Components

NOTE: All the components mentioned here are only for your reference. The real components may be changed according to the producing situation.

ItemPart NameCountry of OriginBrand
3knife cylinderChina
4X Axis Roller Type Linear GuidewayTaiwan,ChinaHIWIN/PMI
5Y Axis Roller Type Linear GuidewayTaiwan,ChinaHIWIN/PMI
6Z Axis Roller Type Linear GuidewayTaiwan,ChinaHIWIN/PMI
7X Axis Ball ScrewTaiwan,ChinaHIWIN/PMI
8Y Axis Ball ScrewTaiwan,ChinaHIWIN/PMI
9Z Axis Ball ScrewTaiwan,ChinaHIWIN/PMI
11Lubricating oil systemChinaBaoyu
12Inner GuardChinaJinjia
14Heat ExchangerChinaQuang
16X Axis BearingsGermanyFAG
17Y Axis BearingsGermanyFAG
18Z Axis BearingsGermanyFAG
20Tool MagazineChinaOKADA/Aimach
21Electrical Apparatus ElementFranceSchineider
22Gas CircuitTaiwan, ChinaAirtac


What is Vertical Machining Center

CNC Vertical Machining Center is a type of CNC Vertical Milling Machine that has vertically oriented spindles that approach the workpiece mounted on the work table from above and is equipped with tool magazine system and automatic tool changer.

HG Machinetools Machining Center’s CNC Tool Changer

A CNC tool changer is a device that can store different tools in the tool magazine and change tools automatically with the help of a short G-code. It reduces machine cycle time by eliminating the need to change tooling for multiple tasks manually.